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Alarming lack of programmers – solution

Every IT company is looking for a programmer and there is a big lack of programmers. Many companies have open job positions for programmers all year long. And maybe they won’t find any suitable programmer all year long. And the situation in the future will be even worse.

According to infographics there will be more than 1 000 000 open job positions (in USA) in computer science in 2020.

This is alarming. If there will not be enough programmers in the future, technology can stagnate or go very very slow.

There is a solution!

Yes, there is a solution. Every company should do programming courses for free or for a small price. Hire a person(s) who will train your future developers. I know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It might be crazy. But imagine the company doesn’t need to look for programmers and wait for the right ones. The company will train its own army of programmers. Trained programmers will already know the company and the company will know programmers. It’s duplex relationship. So you just need to hire one developer who will train tens of developers for your company. Ok, maybe not every trained developer will want to stay in your company, but I think most will do. Because you have a relationship. Try to make the relationship strong. And you will get the right people.

I, personally, believe this is the right way for solving the “lack of programmers” problem. Many people do not know what programming is. Many people won’t learn to program themselves. They need someone to motivate and guide them. That’s why classic online courses are not enough.

I will do a programming workshop for free for my friends and I hope they will like it. I have a goal – I want to train at least 5 professional programmers, if not more. I don’t want to see people live in poverty when they can earn much more money as programmers.

If you think we need more programmers in the world and you like my idea, please spread the word. This is a serious problem and we need a solution for it.

EDIT: I build new e-learning platform for learning to code: CoderMania. CoderMania’s goal is to be “Ultimate guide for web developer”. I am looking for partners and people who want to improve quality of e-learning and web developers. Feel free to ping me on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.