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How companies miss great developers

I know many developers who like to work from home and do not like to go to the office. Or they cannot afford to move to another place for work. Many of them are very good senior developers.

I know many companies that do not allow developers to work from home. Some companies allow some degree of home office, usually a few days a week. Some companies are based fully on remote collaboration.

I think that it’s a shame that in 21st century companies do not allow developers to work remotely. They miss many great developers this way. If work can be done from any place in the world with internet connection, why do not allow employees to work like that? Do you worry about their productivity? Do you want to watch them work? Or why?

From my experience, for some kind of people it’s much better to work remotely. It’s just their nature not to limit to one place, they like freedom. They like to work whenever they want wherever they want. And many of them are really great in what they do. So if you do not allow remote work, you miss many many great people.

There is usually no problem with remote collaboration. Everything works just fine. Things are getting done and boss is happy. The only problem is with people’s mindset: “Oh, you have to come to the office. We have to meet at least once a week personally, or at least once a month…” Why? Why we cannot just meet online? We do not have to waste precious time travelling tens and hundreds of kilometers. We can just open the computer, connect to the internet and have a call, we can share screen, we can see and hear each other, what’s the problem? How is it different from personal meeting? There is very little difference. Most of the work can be done online if not everything. If you know proper tools…

I know whole teams and companies working remotely and it works! Why to bother going to the office every day or once a week or even once a month? It’s 21st century where we can do almost everything online from any place in the world and any time!

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So think about it… why do not allow remote work? Is there a serious problem with it? Or is it just a problem in a mindset?

Just think about it… or try it and you will see if it works.

From my experience it works perfectly!