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Why I don’t eat meat

There are many reasons why I do not eat meat. These reasons are my personal reasons and I do not force anyone stop eating meat. We all have free will and we can decide what to do and what not to do. You can freely decide stop eating meat as I did.

Meat industry and moral reasons

If you knew how meat industry works, you would probably stop eating meat. Or you would be at least terrified. Maybe you will stop eating meat later when you fully realize what meat really is.

Billions of animals are artificially breed and then unmercifully killed just to satisfy appetites of people. This is not just about meat industry but also about egg and dairy industry.

Please don’t take this as a propagation of veganism. I just want to show you why I do not eat meat and also eggs if possible. You should know what eat.

You can simply ignore how meat industry works and you can eat meat if you like it. It’s up to you. It’s your personal decision. You can continue supporting meat industry and suffering of animals. Or you can at least reduce consumption of meat and maybe you will realize that you do not need to eat meat at all as I did.

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL - Humane Society International’s China specialist, Peter Li, visited dog meat markets and slaughterhouses in Yulin, where locals consume dog and cat meat to observe the summer solstice (21 June). HSI has been working with local groups to end this suffering in China. Although some slaughterhouses remain in operation, the dog meat trade is in decline. In this image, released on Tuesday June 2, 2015, dog meat is displayed in the marketplace. (AP Images for Humane Society International)

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Realizing what meat really is

The meat you can see in supermarkets does not grow on trees. What you call meat was a living being like you and me. Plants are also living beings but they are different from us. We can see emotions of animals, but we cannot see emotions of plants. We can see suffering of animals, but we cannot see suffering of plants. Animals are too close to us on evolutionary scale that we can see they are similar to us. Especially mammals. Plants are too far away on evolutionary scale from us and they are totally different from us.

Give a child an apple and a live chicken and see what the child will eat and what will be his friend.

If you knew that the meat you eat is your friend, would you eat it? Would it be tasty? When I ate my last meat, I fully realized what it really is. I knew that the animal had to die to satisfy my appetite. My last meat was not tasty at all because I fully realized what I eat. When you realize that the meat you eat was a living being like you and it had to die to fill your stomach, you will rather eat vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. Once you fully realize what meat really is, it will not be tasty any more. You will find a lot of tasty foods without meat.

More energy

When I stopped eating meat, I noticed that I have more energy. When you eat meat, the body needs much energy for digesting process. When you eat vegetables or fruits, your body can digest it faster and it consumes less energy for digesting process. That’s why many carnivores feel tired after eating meat and they often need to rest.

Life without anger

When I ate meat I was quite aggressive and angry. I thought it’s my nature. But when I stopped eating meat, aggression and anger disappeared.

Other reasons

There are other reasons why people don’t eat meat. For example health reasons. But my health was quite good when I ate meat so it’s not my case.

Will you eat meat?

This question is for you. Ask yourself if you want to support killing animals and their suffering. Ask yourself if the taste of meat is worth it.

If you decide to go vegetarian or vegan, you can find a lot of tasty recipes on the internet.

Have a beautiful day!